Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors
Windows and Doors

Turn windows and doors give maximum protection from noise, dust, heat and cold. In addition to the usual turn opening the sashes, modern types of accessories make it possible to combine the types of opening. Window sashes can tilt and turn depending on the position of window handle (for tilt and turn system), and move parallel to the plane of the window (for parallel slider system). Various accessories allow ventilation without fully opening the window and a lock can be installed for the safety of children.

Sliding windows and doors allow you to save space in the room when opening the window. With sliding sashes, you do not need to open the curtains and so furniture can be located close to window. Sliding windows and doors use your space efficiently and allow you to make sashes much larger than similar turn constructions. The combination of practicality and aesthetics in sliding uPVC windows and doors caused their wide usage among the owners of villas and country houses, especially in the presence of the terrace. The maximum light transmittance and the minimum number of partitions in sliding plastic doors create optimum conditions for the use of such structures in the panoramic glazing and for creating entrances and transparent partitions between adjacent light areas. The architects and designers use these constructions based on sliding PVC windows and doors when designing cottages and country houses.

Arched windows and doors made correct geometrically are true decorations of any building. Numerous types of arch designs for windows and doors allow you to implement any idea you have. The arch can be either an integral part made in the same element with the window and door or an integral element of the product which is attached to it from above. We produce our arched constructions using technology uniquely made for Egypt, it allows to reinforce the products with metal. Our arched windows and doors can actually be called metal-plastic.


Windows of any shape – rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, arched, oval or round. We have special equipment that allows us to produce plastic windows with non-uniform sides. We also have qualified individuals who understand how to utilize such equipment for your benefit. Round PVC windows can revive any room and make it sparkle with new colours. The manufacturing process for these windows is quite simple; they are made by means of flexible profile-like arches. The result is two semicircles which are welded together into a round window. Unlike arches, round windows have limited radius and a maximum weight for the sash. Round windows differ mainly by the type of opening; they can be desolate, with semi-circular openings (one or two), down-hanged or middle-hanged. Each of these types imposes certain restrictions on the window size and weight. Round windows are used not only in homes but also in basements and in attics. These windows are a great solution for areas under the roof. The trapezoid-shaped windows as well as other non-standard shapes are a great solution for any room. The main limitation in the production of trapezoidal windows is that the angles can’t be too sharp, at least 30 degrees. There are no other restrictions; it just depends on the imagination of the customer. Trapezoidal windows add to the decorative design of a room. For example, trim covers can help bring a little romance and retro style to your life. There are many reasons why people choose trapezoidal windows. For example, if the roof id gable-shaped, trapezoid windows will let more light into the room. In addition, this window will emphasize the good taste of the home owner. Not forgetting the fact that with the right approach to the idea and embodiment, a window in the shape of a trapezoid can become not only a stylish exterior, but also be very functional. Triangular windows are often chosen by owners of country houses and villas, especially if the building has a peaked roof. In the manufacturing of triangular windows, more material is used than in the manufacture of standard rectangular windows. This surely reflects on the price. The next reason of a high price is the complexity of installation works. As in the case of the trapezoid, angles for triangular windows should be not less than 30 degrees. Usually windows of this type have isosceles or right-angle triangle shapes. The first option looks good over conventional window structure or under a roof. The second option suggests the possibility of installation of windows with turn or tilt ways of opening. Triangular windows fit perfectly into the different design options whether it is classical or modern hi-tech.



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