Roller Shutters:-

Roller shutters –are the best modern solution for protection from the sun, prying eyes as well as chances of robbery. In contrast with gratings, roller shutters in raised positions are not visible in the window opening and do not close the light from the street. Roller shutters, collapsing into a roll, are a reliable solution for protection of windows, doors, balconies, garages, storefronts and shops. In the rolled condition, shutters are placed in an aluminium box which fits harmoniously into the architecture of the object or in particular cases, can be completely hidden inside the wall.
For the protection of your house, strong walls and secure doors are very important. Windows need to be protected carefully. Shutters are created especially for this purpose as they successfully combine quality, reliability and ease of use. Most importantly, shutters will grant you security. Shutters have a respectable appearance and undoubtedly will decorate the facade of the store, the interior of the office or holiday home and will fit into any architectural design.
Roller shutters manufactured by TEQNIA meet all your expectations and more!

The quality of profiles and components of roller shutters in our company corresponds to the best European models at a very reasonable price.
The main elements of the shutters are:
Profile. Shutters are rolled canvas consisting of aluminium profiles. Depending on the shutters’ features, profiles may have different internal structures.
Guides. This component of the roller shutter consists of two vertical stripes on which canvas move. Depending on the selected profile, we choose matching guides. The cost of this element of shutters also depends on the complexity of the design.
Mechanism. There are various types of drive mechanisms used to raise or lower the shutters. The drive mechanism is usually placed in a box where it can be mechanical, automatic or both. Shutters with manual (or mechanical) drives are usually cheaper than those with automatic ones.
Driving system. Depending on the type of the machine, the driving of shutters can be operated with a handle, key, remote control or switch.
RELIABLE PROTECTION FROM BREAK-IN: the design of shutters, made of aluminium of high strength, prevents any entering from the outside.
PROTECTION FROM EXTERNAL NOISE: thanks to its noise-reducing properties, the foam filler of aluminium profiles significantly reduces the level of background noise.
PROTECTION FROM RAIN AND SUN: Shutters provide effective protection against adverse weather conditions (snow, hail, rain, sudden gusts of wind) and from fading of the furniture under the sunlight.
MONEY SAVING: Shutters are also effective energy-saving tool that helps maintain the optimum indoor temperature at any time of the year to minimize the cost of heating and air conditioning.
PROTECTION FROM PRYING EYES: shutters provide reliable protection of private life from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by.

Louver Shutters:-

Louver shutters protect the house from light and dust penetration and are very demanded due to the scorching sun of Egypt. Additionally, they hide the room from onlookers outside.
Louver shutters are a perfect solution for someone who wants to protect an apartment or a holiday house but prefers to enjoy the view from the window without bars.
Louver shutters from PVC are worthy alternatives to the usual wooden construction that is popular in Egypt. You can choose from various models to pick the one that suits your needs perfectly.


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