Services we do


Measurement is the most important stage in the installation of UPVCwindows in your house. It is based on exact figures. After taking all the necessary measurements, our specialists create the design for the desired windows and perform the technological assembly. For your convenience, measuring windows is a free service.


Your windows must reach you safely; without damages or distortions. This is why we have carefully picked our shipping methods to ensure the safety of your windows from our factory all the way to your house.


Installation is one of the biggest stages. The installer is someone who can determine how the window can be properly fitted and how long it can last. We pick our installers carefully and each candidate must pass a long course of study before being sent to meet our clients.


Our guarantee on window and door constructions is 10 years. It means that within 10 years, TEQNIA holds the responsibility to fix any problems that may have occurred with the window structure. If necessary, any accessories and fittings can be replaced within the first year of operation.