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Mosquito Net
Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net:-

Mosquito nets for PVC window are the best solution to protect the area, not only from insects, street trash, dust and soot, but also from possible falling out of pets (in order to avoid such cases, you can install the special net). Installation of mosquito nets for a country house is especially important. It is an eco-friendly way to keep the premises free of insects, which are usually a lot in the countryside.
For as long as mankind existed, they have struggled with pesky insects. Ventilation during hot sunny day is the only salvation in summer but it comes with the downside of insect bites. The most widespread protection against insects is the mosquito net. There are several types of mosquito nets in the market.
Removable frame mosquito net –A classic system of protection against insects. Framed mosquito nets are the most common type, where an aluminium frame has a net stretched on it. Due to its simplicity, low cost and ease of use, it can be installed on almost all windows. This type of net has sufficient rigidity and the mosquito net can be strengthened with an additional impost. Such net is usually installed when there is no need to open them, mostly on windows. It can be fixed or removable.

The sliding mosquito net is similar to a conventional frame-based nets, characterized by the addition of rollers on the lower part of the frame profile and is used mainly in sliding windows and doors. Thanks to the rollers, mosquito net can be easily moved to any opened or shifted sash.

Roller mosquito nets. The main feature of the roller mosquito net is the ability to twist the net in the cassette located above the net to open the window opening fully if needed. These nets can be used for windows and doors. When twisting, the mesh moves on rails and is lowered thereon by the load. The main advantage is a fast twisting to open the window opening without removing the entire structure. Also there is no need to remove the net when it is not needed; it can be twisted into a roll.

Pleated mosquito nets can completely close the window of almost any shape. Pleated nets resemble an accordion. Fold’s step is usually equal to one centimetre which creates tremendous opportunities for the application of pleated mosquito nets. They are very functional as the mesh can be gathered up to free the opening. Pleated nets can cover huge openings with widths of several meters. The net in this kind of system is made of a special plastic.

Turn mosquito nets are installed on door or window openings, usually a balcony or a front door in a country house. It is a frame grid, but made of a more rigid profile and fixed with hinges, allowing easy access opening. For easy use, they are made with extra fittings such as latches and handles. This kind of net is significantly more expensive than window-frame-nets.
Care of net is very simple: fiberglass and aluminium net profiles are easy to clean from dirt, usually cleaned twice a year; in spring and in autumn.


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