Glass Bars

Glass Bars
Glass Bars

Glazing with Georgian Bar:-

Georgian bars in windows are able to give them style and exclusivity to make the building look unique with all the advantages of the architectural design.
The possibility of setting a Georgian bar of various colours and different widths allows the customer to try the most daring designs. Using the patch elements of different shapes, a Georgian bar with original and unusual patterns (beams, rectangles, circles, arches, ornaments etc.) can be created. The number of sections and the pattern can be quite different, depending on your imagination.
A rich palette of colours, from brown and white to silver and gold allows you to decorate a window for both classic and modern interiors.
Do not worry if you have already purchased windows and have only now learned about Georgian bars. To create a unique image for the house, it’s enough to change only the glass.
Here we offer only a few of the most popular standard sketches. To choose an exclusive variant of the Georgian bar, visit our sales office or call your specialist with the full catalogue to your house.


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